• Analysis of the Situation of the Female Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria – Challenges and Opportunities
    Dipl. Eng. Radka Stamenova
    President of Meridian 22 Ltd.



























































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Our members

1. Radka Stamenova is a founder and President of Meridian 22 Ltd. (1990) and Interbusiness Ltd (1992). Over the years Ms. Stamenova gained extensive experience in managing various projects, in organizing seminars, conferences and exhibitions, as well as in the sphere of consulting business. Affiliations of company Meridian 22 are the licensed Private Elementary School with English Language Learning and Private English IB High School. Part of the company is also the College for Vocational Education in Hospitality and Tourism “Interbusiness” using the Swiss experience in its program.

2. Toshka Yaneva, member of the Board of BAWE
Founder of the company  AGRITREYD LTD. The company is engaged in trade with grain, fodder and other plant and animal products; trade in nuts, spices and dried fruit; exports of agricultural products - spices, seeds and vegetables.

3. Iskra Radeva
, member of the Board of BAWE
Famous Bulgarian actress who created theater "Sparks and Seasons” in 1997. In the theater participate   some of the best directors, set designers and actors. The performances are always enjoyed by overcrowded audience halls. Ms. Iskra Radeva has played over a hundred roles in the theater, more than 30 roles in the cinema  and over 70 - in television productions.

5. Kalina Kambanova, Member of the Board of BAWE
Representative of Euroinzhenering Ltd., which specializes in consulting and developing of  projects in the area of renewable sources, alternative energy sources and innovative environmental technologies, telecommunications products, water treatment technologies, waste management. The company executes projects  as beneficiary or coordinator in partnership with the Bulgarian municipalities; it represents and consults foreign investors and investment funds.

6. Maria Kurdova ,member of the Board of BAWE
Represents the company Sisyphus, which was founded in 1991 and produces natural Bulgarian honey and other bee products for the Bulgarian and international market. The company has a modern laboratory, huge warehouses and its own equipment for transportation.

7. Stefka Stefanova,  member of the Supervisory Board of BAWE
Manager of the  company' Tuff Consult, established in 1999. Main activities of the company are consulting, training and elaboration of systems for management in compliance with the international standards and specifications.  Since the beginning of its establishment until the end of September 2004 TUF Rheinland Consult Bulgaria Ltd. as a 100% subsidiary, was part of the worldwide famous concern German TUF Rheinland Group.

8. Pavlina Nikolova, member of the Supervisory Board of BAWE
Represents  Skitia 1GT Ltd., which operates since 2001 with activity in the manufacturing and marketing of household appliances, textile, electric blankets, electric pillows, bed and bed linen and others.The  company is specialized in the household goods of first necessity, spare parts and products used as materials of the existing regional companies.

9. Boriana Stamenova
, member of BAWE
Established the company Bella Terra in 2006, which is involved in ecotourism. The company is a member of the BCCI and BAAT.

10. Anna Sendova, member of the Executive Board of the BCCI
Head of  the Representation in Sofia of the International Fair – Plovdiv, the first organization in Bulgaria - member of the International Association of Exhibition Industry UFI (from 1936). Seven of the events have met the highest criteria in exhibition approved by UFI. Ms. Sendova was Head of International Cooperation and Integration Department at the Ministry of Culture and member of the Committee for Culture in the Council of Europe. She is currently a member of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Society and the Executive Board of BCCI.

11. Arch. Vesela  Mirianova
In 1993 she founded with her husband, the construction and investment company ARTEX , impressing already 17 years with quality and luxury in design and construction. In 2009 she was elected as Businesswoman of 2008, the same year she received also the national prize "Man of the XXI century" in the Category "Residential buildings".

12. Silvia Nikolova

Manager of the  firm JNL European Advertising Agency, established in 2006 as part of the communication network Leosis Group, the successor of the oldest advertising agency in Greece.

13. Anna Zaharieva
Ms. Zaharieva is Executive Director of FairPlay International (FPI) - a leading Bulgarian company investing in assets and managing assets in real estate sector. The company was founded in 1993 as construction and entrepreneurial company. Over the past 17 years FairPlay International (FPI) has grown into one of the most respected investment companies in Bulgaria. Today FPI continues to evolve in the property sector, performing increasingly diverse and large-scale projects - from the construction of residential buildings to the implementation of large logistics parks, from the management of hotel complexes to reliable investments in agriculture.

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